Awards 2018-06-28T17:20:59+00:00

The winning project will receive funding of € 10,000 for the production of the film.

In addition to the monetary support, the winning project will have the logistic and technical support of the University Lusófona for the production and post-production, in the terms to be defined between the parties, namely:

a) Film studio (up to 3 working days);
b) Audio recording studio (up to 3 working days);
c) Assembly studio and VFX (up to 15 working days);
d) Audio post-production studio (up to 5 working days);
e) Color Grading (up to 5 working days).

Technical and logistical support of local authorities, namely:

a) Lodging in Torres Vedras and / or Alenquer (up to 3 pax x 10 nights);
b) Follow-up of the team, in the different phases of the project, by a technician of the local authorities, namely in the choice of the filming locations and in the contacts required for the shooting;
c) Obtaining the local licenses necessary to shoot the film;
d) Relationship with the local security forces (PSP, GNR, Firefighters), to ensure the necessary conditions for the production of the film;
e) Contacts with farms, wine producers, wine tourism units, or other wine-growing units that may be integrated into the film’s production plan.

The winning film will be publicly displayed in Torres Vedras and Alenquer, and there is also the possibility of extracurricular shows at the INDIE Lisboa and BANG AWARDS festivals, depending on the category of the winning project;

Payment of the indicated amount will be made in two tranches, the first (50%) after the signature of the contract and the second (50%) after the start of the film production.